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50 Books Update: Books 22-30

50 Books Update: Books 22-30

I didn't realize until after I wrote this list out that most of the books I've read lately deal with love, leading women, and families. Not sure if that was a coincidence, or where my heads at. Whatever the reason, the list below are great books, and would recommend all of them.

22) Me Before You - Such a great and funny love story, but also completely heartbreaking. I laughed so hard while reading this, but I also cried my eyes out. Like, I've never cried that much or that hard while reading any book before, and I'm a cryer (hey, no shame). Actually, typing this out is making we tear up a bit (softie, I know). The characters are fresh and charming, and in no way cliche. It's being made into a movie that launches in June with your favorite Game of Thrones actress and Hunger Games actor. Get your hands on it now before it's virtually impossible to read it. 

23) After You - This is the sequel to Me Before You. While I liked Me Before You more, I really felt like this sequel helped me have closure from the first book. I'm not entirely sure I've ever said that I needed closure from a book before, but after reading the sequel, I felt so calm and happy for the characters. 

24) One Plus One - Another great love story written by Jojo Moyes, this was one of her funnier love stories. I actually almost peed my pants laughing at one part during the book, but thankfully for my couch, I kept it together. This is an easier read than 22 & 23 (unless you like to cry), so I would definitely put it on your summer beach read list. 

25) The Dinner - In full disclosure, I read this book in 2015 and forgot to add it to my last 50 Books Update. I knew going into this book that I probably wouldn't like the characters, and by the end of the book, they didn't redeem themselves. I really hated the physical act that committed in the book that tied all of the central characters together, so I felt myself cringing a lot. I did think it was an interesting point of view to set the entire book up over a course of the meal. 

26) The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach - Another love story. What I appreciated most about this love story though was that there was a strong female lead who didn't end up with the man you thought she was going to end up with. The entire time I was reading it, right when I would almost role my eyes at how cliche the plot was, it would shift into something more modern than I gave it credit for. Another great book to add to your beach read list - though I did cry during parts of it, so be warned. 

27) Luckiest Girl Alive - I really liked this book, but unlike the marketing promos will lead you to believe, this book should not be compared to Gone Girl. The main character, Ani, has a dark secret about her past that she has tried for years to cover up with the perfect job, man and location. However, the secret Ani doesn't want to be told is actually something very sad that paints her as a victim. The book brings up a lot of relevant issues, especially for teenage girls and women in general, that was hard to read, but easy to connect with. Definitely a great read! 

28) Bad Feminist - Okay, so in another full disclosure moment, I didn't finish this book. One of my friends raved about it, so I checked it out from the Library on my Kindle. I appreciated that Roxane Gay took the time to write this and bring up feminist issues, but I also found myself disagreeing with a lot of her views. Even though I disagreed, I also think that was the point of some of the chapters. It's supposed to make you open up and think outside of your box. It's also a great book for discussion, in case you need another book for book club.

29) Everything I Never Told You - Talk about a book where you just want to scream at the characters, "Why won't you talk to each other?!'. Just like the title of the book implies, the plot of this book focuses on one family and all the things they never tell each other, and the consequences of not communicating honestly. It's told from different family member's point of view after a tragic accident. So much of their problems could be solved by simply opening up to one another, but instead, they close down after the accident which inevitably pushes them all away. After reading this book, it made me appreciate the honesty and open lines of communication my own family has, even if we do share too much information sometimes ;) 

30) The Traitor's Wife - For all you historical fiction readers, this book is right up your alley. It's been raved about a lot since it debuted, but it's so enthralling. After reading The Accidental Empress, I knew I would love this one as well. It's set during the American Revolution, and told from the point of view of Peggy Arnold's maid (Peggy Arnold was Benedict Arnold's wife). It's a fascinating and fun read about high society in the late 1700's, and also the beginning of American times. Even though Peggy is a traitor (no spoilers - it's actually happened in real life), you also semi want to be her for a day because she feels so very 1700's-Sex-and-the-City-Samantha fabulous.  

What are you reading? Share your recommendations in the comments below. 

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