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Living In New York Series: Furniture

Living In New York Series: Furniture

Okay, so you have now moved to New York and found your dream apartment. The next thing to do is furnish your apartment! 

I don't think any other city would have a blog post specifically dedicated to the types of furniture needed for an apartment, but NYC isn't like other cities. Remember when you moved into your dorm room in college, and you wanted to buy all of the organizational things? Well, that's almost like living here, except on steroids! 

Storage is KEY! You'll most likely have no storage space, or at least not much. To combat this, you have to look for other storage opportunities - your bed, media console, and coffee table are just a couple examples of great places that can serve more than just their basic functions. Under my ottoman, you can actually unzip it, and there's a couple feet of storage space there (obviously for my fall leaf decor ;) ) Get creative! 

In my first apartment, my closets were really long, but I didn't have as much room in my bedroom. So, getting creative, I put my dresser in my closet, and I was still able to hang up all my dresses, and access my dresser. It also served as my vanity. There was a strip of wood in the back of the closet that helped to hold a shelf, so I nailed a couple nails into the wood, and voila, I had a place to hang all my necklaces! 

Don't be afraid to use your walls also! You can create bookshelves, art galleries, and store your shoes on your walls

Here are my top places to buy furniture in NYC:

  • Gothic Cabinet Craft - This is actually where I bought my bed when I first moved here, and I cannot recommend them enough. You can truly build a custom bed. I chose the option with 6 drawers - 3 on each side - and they are huge! You can also customize your bed with a specific headboard and the color of stain on the wood. I loved that I could pick what I wanted. You can also buy your mattress from them, which makes completing your bed so easy. They'll deliver and install it in your apartment as well. After 4 years, I can truly say these beds are durable! If I had to do it again, I would get the 12 drawer option (6 on each side) for added storage.

  • IKEA - This is where everyone will tell you to shop, and for good reason. You can find amazing pieces at even more amazing prices. I personally wanted to invest a little more in things like my bed and couch, so I only bought a dresser and desk from IKEA. I love both, truly! So far, they haven't fallen apart. There's TONS of things to buy from IKEA, which is why I have yet to visit the actual store in NYC (although, I'm going tonight for a future project!). You can also find tons of blogs that are strictly for IKEA hacks - turning something from IKEA into something so much better. IKEA is literally endless of possibilities. I didn't think putting together the furniture was hard - though, it did take me 11 episodes of 24 - but, if you're not saavy in that area, you can hire someone to put together your IKEA furniture on Handy.

  • West Elm - They have the perfect sized couches for an apartment in NYC, and they're all adorable! It's definitely a pricier option than others, but it's worth it (in my opinion). It's also nice that they feature real people's homes in their catalogs, which adds to decor inspiration. Currently, I'm trying very hard to justify the placement of this coffee table.

  • Big Bob's Discount Furniture - Okay, this is one of those "don't judge a book by it's cover (or TV commercial)" moments. If you are looking for quick and cheap furniture, Big Bob's is the way to go! I purchased a chair that came with an ottoman, blanket and 2 pillows that cost $400 total. I basically lived in that chair my first two years (no joke, our apartment couldn't fit a couch at the time). It's definitely stood the test of time as well.

  • Housing Works - This is a great place if you're into vintage, or second hand pieces. They are usually very high end and nice pieces of furniture.

  • Rugs USA - This technically isn't furniture, but it's still worth mentioning. They have a huge selection of rugs, and they're generally 60-70% off.

  • Target - Because you can never get away from Target's simple, and affordable, storage solutions. Also, check out Emily's home styling because I'm obsessed with her and just want to become best friends.

Getting creative with your furniture, furniture layout, and storage will be key for the enjoyment and functionality of your apartment. Play around with things until it feels right. And even then, don't be afraid to change it up! For more small space ideas, you can follow my Pinterest board here

Any furniture recommendations? I"d love to hear them in the comments! 

The Living In New York Series originated from a desire to share my learnings and experiences of living in NYC., hopefully to make your experience easier. All of these suggestions are based solely off my experiences, and therefore only my opinions. If you have another positive opinion, I would love to read it in the comments! 

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