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Welcome to my blog.
I'm a 20-something who loves the outdoors, exploring, making things & a good face mask.
Currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

week in the life // august 23 & 24

week in the life // august 23 & 24

Ali Edwards hosts a "Week in the Life" challenge every year, where she focuses on documenting one week in her life. Usually with documenting, we tend to focus on events, or things to remember. Instead, this approach is about documenting the every day. The normal occurrences we sometimes take for granted. It's also an opportunity to get creative with how you take photos, which I love. 

I'm a little late to the party, as this challenge started last Monday, and I only started on Saturday. Better late than never. I'll continue to document the every day, ordinary things this week, and do a wrap up later in the week. 

This weekend was definitely a top, top weekend for me. I'm not quite sure what it was, but there was something definitely magical about it. 

Saturday was for...

... early morning donuts, coffee and the quiet streets of New York

... Fresh Direct deliveries

... carving my third spoon with a new tool

... taking a lunch break with homemade ramen and Cheers

... getting some computer work done

... watermelon margaritas because #treatyoself

... exploring new outdoor places in New Jersey

... eating the best lobster roll ever

... saying goodbye to sweet friends who are moving back to Nebraska soon 

... going to a comedy show 

... having wine and Snapchat conversations

... dancing to rap songs from your high school days

...  late New York nights in the neon glow

Sunday was for...

... sleeping in until 1pm

... starting laundry

... finding a bloody mary in the neighborhood

... adding some pistachio ice cream to that bloody mary, because #treatyoself

... taking a nap at 5 (whoops)

... cooking four awesome lobsters

... discovering our mutual love for the Jimmy Durante Pandora station and dancing while the lobster cooks

... dreaming about the future

moving to new york

moving to new york

weekend reading // august 22, 2015

weekend reading // august 22, 2015