6 fall DIYs to try

Fall is right around the corner! I can't smell it yet, since NYC is perpetually in humidity, BUT I can dream about the sweater weather season that always takes us by surprise. I cannot wait to put jeans on and not sweat, sleep with the windows open and the AC off, and wear my hair straight again. Ah, the simple things. 

To help get you prepped for fall, I put together 6 Fall DIYs to try that are super easy. I had some of these pinned last year to create, but ran out of time. Hopefully by putting this on the interwebs, it'll encourage me to actually complete them.   

Starting at the top left, and going clockwise.

1) Pumpkin Scented Candles with Soy Wax for Fall Entertaining - I absolutely adore these. So simple, and cute. Plus, when you're done, you can just throw them away and they won't take up extra space in your holiday storage. 

2) Wood & Burlap Natural Fall Wreath - Super cute! This can easily be made with any fallen tree branches or old logs in your yard. If you don't have a yard, befriend your nearest lumberjack, or head to Michaels. 

3) 2x4 Pumpkins - Really love these. Can be placed on a mantle, by the door, your side table, or make it a centerpiece for your dinner table. Hosting a party? Paint the 2x4's white, drape some white cloth over the 2x4, draw some eyes and hold with some glue under the white cloth and you've got yourself a group of ghosts! 

4) Maple Leaf Mason Jars - Mason jars are to Pinterest what grass is to parks. They're everywhere. Without being too cliche by featuring a mason jar craft, I do really love this DIY. Almost everything you need to create it is probably in your house somewhere. You can pick up some leaves from outside, whether you have a yard or not. 

5) Branch Candle Holders - Another DIY that you can probably create from items you have in your home. If you don't have a candle holder in your house, you can pick them up from Michael's, or any home goods store. 

6) Monogrammed Fall Wreath - This is a pretty classic fall DIY staple, but it makes any home seem inviting. 

What DIYs are you making? Share in the comments!