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National Stationary Show Finds // part 1

National Stationary Show Finds // part 1

In case you haven't heard, the National Stationary Show was in NYC this week. I was not able to go, but hopefully, someday, I'll be able too! I feel like with showcases and events like this, I always find out about them too late. Anyone else have that problem? There's probably an app for that, but let's be real, apps have plateaued. 

Anyways, through stalking the Instagram hashtag #nss15, I found some new-to-me paper card shops and designers that I'm currently loving.  There are so many, so I'm breaking them up into a couple different posts. 

1. Red Cap Cards

I really like Red Cap's aesthetics. Instead of using super bright colors, which I love but seems to be overdone sometimes, I really appreciated the rich, darker tones of their  cards. There's usually an element of gold (my calling card), which helps to pop it up a bit.  I really like their new Happy Birthday card below, which could work for both males and females - a rarity in the card world! I'm also spying on this one for a female friend. 

Source:    Red Cap Cards

2. Farewell Paperie

I love sass, snark, and smart females. Farewell Paperie encompasses all three, producing hilarious, but true, cards for anyone. The one below is one of my favorites. Their booth looked pretty amazing...if I was there! 

3. The Paper Cub

Besides the plush and gold trend happening, large brush strokes are completely in. Gone are the days of straight lettering - bring in the handwritten, perfectly imperfect lettering instead. I really like The Paper Cub for this reason, and that their cards are simple, to the point, and honest. I love these Christmas cards. 

4. Goldteeth Brooklyn 

The simplicity of Goldteeth Brooklyn's designs are what attracted me to these cards. This is the perfect cards for that simple, goofy friend/sibling/relative of yours. I also like that some of the cards leave room on the front for you to personalize with your own unique sayings. I love the taco card below. 

5. Dahlia Press

Looking at Dahlia Press' line of cards is like breathing fresh air. Light, whimsical, and beautiful to look at, I want to buy them all. I especially like this one, and Dancing Man should probably receive this one many times ;) 

Source:    Dahlia Press

Source: Dahlia Press

6. Gingiber

Look at those bright colors! I love how bold and simple these calendars are. They are perfect for hanging on your wall at work. This one is super different and cool. 

Source:    Gingiber

Source: Gingiber

Look out for Part 2 tomorrow! 

National Stationary Show Finds // part 2

National Stationary Show Finds // part 2

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