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Welcome to my blog.
I'm a 20-something who loves the outdoors, exploring, making things & a good face mask.
Currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

friday finds

friday finds

Yesterday was a glorious, cloud filled day that reached temperatures of 60! Tired of talking about weather? Yeah, me too! Let's just all keep praying that spring is here to stay, and then we'll stop talking about it. 

My Fresh Direct order came today, and I bought this awesome bunch of heather. I've actually never bought heather before, but I love it! I wish I would have bought another to make it fuller, but you live and you learn. It smells so good. 

For work, I read a lotttt of mommy blogs. If something is happening in the parenting/mom/pregnancy world, more than likely I'm well aware of it (and brainstorming how to get Mustela involved in it #everthemarketer). I promise I am not pregnant, and all this reading is strictly for work. But I was THRILLED when I found a daddy blogger! It's like a mythical creature that's actually real. This post was making me literally laugh out loud, but also made me terrified (mostly for my future husband) of what my very far future pregnancy brain would look like! 

Another awesome one from this daddy blogger, but it's about dating! I love this honest, but still overly positive look at how online apps have changed dating. The perfect summarization: "It is what you make of it" and "It's truly a game". 

A Cup of Jo has been sharing some gems this week. I loved this one about bedtime banners for partners and this one about the New York Mag's Yesteryear issue about New York's Midnight hour through the years. 

I really loved Grace's post about being healthier. It's so true that not all places allow you a true lunch - even though technically they have to, no worker actually takes a lunch outside of their desks. Just little changes can make all the difference though. Especially when you cook your own meals. 

Speaking of being healthier, I've started running more and more. Mainly because #DancingMan gives me no choice (only kidding!) but also because it does feel good. I running a 5K with my mom during the Final Four weekend, but I'm also thinking about running this one (only the half). Any suggestions from long distance runners?! 

I love this get-together that Natalie did last week in Arkansas. I SO wish I could do something like this in NYC, but where would I host it? I'm starting to miss that crafting community that I had in the midwest - I'm looking at you, Becky! So, I'm brainstorming ways on how to start to join one in NYC. Any ideas? I've tried MeetUp, but there seems to be only one active group, which is great but they don't meet as often as I'd like. 

Do you have any plans for this weekend? I'm celebrating my friend's new jobs and #DancingMan coming home! But before those things happen, I'm definitely making these on Saturday morning. Peaches, ricotta cheese AND pancakes all in one?!

Have a great weekend! 

Thinking about all the East Villagers in NYC. I can't even imagine if that happened to my building. Thoughts & prayers are going out to you. 

SATUR-DIY: Wooden Jewelry Holder

SATUR-DIY: Wooden Jewelry Holder

spring cleaning & decorating in el bano

spring cleaning & decorating in el bano