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Welcome to my blog.
I'm a 20-something who loves the outdoors, exploring, making things & a good face mask.
Currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

introducing paper & skyscrapers


I am so excited (and a little nervous) to announce this huge change! Okay, it's probably not huge for you, but I think it's pretty big for me. 

I've decided to pack up and leave Cori's Corner and Wordpress behind, and instead launch Paper & Skyscrapers. While blogging on Cori's Corner, I realized I had no real focus other than to share certain parts of my life and interests on a blog. Which was fine, but then I started feeling overwhelmed and losing sleep over all the times I forgot to style a photo for a post, when in reality, I didn't even like writing the post in the first place. A big 'duh' moment happened when I finally realized, "Hey, this is your place. Write about what you like to write about, and throw out the rest".

One of the main parts of my day job is blogger outreach, which I love. But, since I'm constantly reading new blogs who have built a successful brand from their blog, I felt overwhelmed that I was somehow failing. Even though blogging is not my job, for me it is just a hobby, I realized that if it's just a hobby, I can't fail at it. I hope this will help me in focusing more on what types of content I want to share, instead of the obsessing over analytics (which I do enough 9-5). 

I've always loved paper, paper crafts, paper goods, etc. And, I've also always loved to travel. Intersecting paper goods & traveling is the process of memory keeping (or scrapbooking), which has always been so important to me. You can read more about it in my About page. 

As you could have guessed, Paper & Skyscrapers (or P&S), will be primarily about paper, travel and memory keeping. The content will range from paper projects, paper crafts, traveling recaps, traveling guides, helpful hints for making the most out of your travel, memory keeping, scrapbooking, etc. I have so many great ideas for new content posts that I think will not only inspire you to try a DIY, travel, or scrapbook, but will also be helpful when/if you decide to do those things. I love to do DIYs outside of using paper, so I'll be launching a new DIY series called Satur-DIYs. Yup, there will be a DIY posted on Saturdays (how original, I know, but we're rolling with it). And I'm sure there will be an occasional personal update post as well.

So, what's new with Paper & Skyscrapers?

I launched Paper & Skyscrapers on a newer platform: Squarespace. Some of you may now know what this platform is about, from the Dream With Jeff Superbowl commercial. As the reader, the only thing you should notice is a new layout and new pages. I realized I wanted my site to be more customized to what I want to do and launch in the future, but I have no interest in learning how to code. I also loved the layout of my old blog, so I tried to keep P&S similarly. After much research, I decided to try Squarespace during their 2-week trial period, and I loved it! It let me customize my site how I wanted it to be, but without having to input code. 

new homepage

1. A new logo & a new brand! I designed the logo, and the Squarespace layout. I really enjoyed designing both pieces, and coming up with new collateral ideas for P&S. 

2. New pages! I have brand spanking new pages for Home, Blog, About, FAQ, and Contact, with all new content. 

3. I put my social channels front and center. That means it'll be easier for you, my awesome reader, to follow me on all my public social channels. I love Instagramming and Tweeting, so come socialize with me! :) 

4. You can now shop directly from my Blog page. This shop link will take you to my Etsy shop, where I'm currently selling a mix of handmade cards for Valentine's Day, Baby Shower & Wedding Congratulations, Halloween and Christmas. (Halloween & Christmas are reduced! Get 'um now!)

5. If you missed the last couple posts, or just don't want to continue to scroll, you can easily get to my most recent posts on this sidebar. 

6. You can now signup for my email newsletter.  I realize not everyone reads blogs via a blog reader (like BlogLovin' or, I would like to send my blog posts via email, if you're interested in receiving information that way. 

What will happen to Cori's Corner?

Cori's Corner will still be live, but it just won't be updated anymore. All of the content from Cori's Corner has been transferred to P&S. But, some of my old Pinterest links will probably still direct to Cori's Corner, as that is a huge hassle to change. But, maybe there will be another snow day to tackle that ;)

As always, thank you so much for reading! I hope you continue to follow along and see where this thing goes. If you have any questions, post them in the comments, or you can email them directly to corischwabe AT gmail DOT com.

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