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SATUR-DIY: Tumblers

SATUR-DIY: Tumblers

I am so excited about this SATUR-DIY because it's so simple (& affordable) to do! And the creativity possibilities are endless! You can totally take this DIY and roll with it however your creative little heart wants to. 

For Christmas, I gave some of my girlfriends in New York some fun glassware with these gold dots on them. I had seen the gold dot trend everywhere - Kate Spade, Paper Source, so many blogs - but I wasn't quite over it yet. I was going to make myself a set of champagne glasses (which I still might), but then I saw this tumbler and knew I could make a gold dot and pink heart tumbler. After a little Google search, I found a site that sold clear, plastic tumblers. 

Supplies needed:

Pink Heart Tumbler Directions:

  1. I cut out a stencil of a heart in a couple different sizes. To do this, fold a piece of paper hot dog style. Then, draw half of a heart in a several different widths & length. Cut along the lines. Open the stencil and see which heart works best for you. I chose one a little wider.

  2. Once you have your stencil, outline your heart in the color that you want the heart to be.

  3. Color in heart with the same color as your outline. I did realize that it was best to do thin layers repeated on top of each other. Be sure to completely let the paint dry before adding a new layer. My paint pen ended up exploding at times, so my layers weren't as thin as I was expecting. If that happens, try to move the paint around evenly.

  4. Once your heart is complete and dry, it's time for the stripes. I used painter's tape because I knew my freehand wasn't going to be so straight. Even with the painter's tape, there were some lines that I had to go back through and fix, which made them a bit thicker than others.

  5. Let dry, and you're all done!

Gold Dots Tumbler Directions:

  1. Make a thick stripe of larger sized golden dots. Once that stripe is complete, layer over it again with the same sized dots so it looks like there are a lot of gold dots laying on top of each other.

  2. Once the stripe is complete, mark different, random spots on the tumbler with your gold pen. I did this by lightly dotting different areas from where the stripe ended to halfway down the tumblers side. I recommend doing this is small sections, like a couple inches at a time.

  3. Once you've dotted a section, go back and fill in those dots. The closer they were to the stripe, the thicker they were. As the dots made their way down the tumbler, the thinner the dots became.

  4. Repeat until you've made it all the way around the tumbler.

That's it! It really is a limitless DIY, and one that can be completed on the couch watching episodes of The Good Wife (just me?). 

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