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SATUR-DIY: Wine Cork Bulletin Board Update

SATUR-DIY: Wine Cork Bulletin Board Update

This SATUR-DIY’s inspiration came from another blog, A Beautiful Mess.

I started this wine corkboard awhile ago, and shared how on Cori’s Corner (also now on Paper & Skyscrapers). At the time, I didn’t have enough wine corks to complete the project. I went home over the holidays, and my mom had saved all of her red wine corks! After a couple months of saving corks, plus using my mom’s corks, I finally had enough corks to finish it!

Supplies Needed:

  • Wine corks
    I wanted to use wine corks from wine that I, or my parents, had drank. If you don't want to do that, you can always order wine corks online

  • 12x12 Shadow Box

  • Hot glue gun & sticks


  1. Decide how you want your cork board to look. Do you like the red side of the cork, or do you predominately have white wine corks? Do you want a pattern or design, or do you like a random effect? I knew I wanted both white and red wine corks to be featured, but I didn't have the patience to measure out a pattern. I also love the random effect on this. I wasn't initially planning on an ombre effect, but I loved that it turned out that way.

  2. Remove the glass from your shadow box.

  3. Hot glue your corks to your shadow box, as if you were putting them in your shadow box.

  4. Nail to wall and start pinning things to your board!

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