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SATUR-DIY: Romantic Floral Arrangement

SATUR-DIY: Romantic Floral Arrangement

Happy Valentine’s Day & welcome to the first SATUR-DIY! I’m hoping that every Saturday for the rest of 2015, I’ll get to share a DIY project with you.

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, and the need to drastically add some life into my day job desk, I thought a simple, romantic floral arrangement would be perfect. This medium – faux flowers – is completely new to me! When I worked at Michael’s, I always thought they were so tacky and I would never ever ever have fake flowers around me. BUT! Like all good things, I grew up. And, I like to think the faux flowers grew up too, as they are looking better and better every year.

This DIY was so easy. I literally made it on the couch in under an hour, watching TV and prepping for Winter Storm Juno. My friend, Erin, was staying with me that week, and I’m pretty sure she thought I was 90, but whatever. Embrace your inner oldie!

I apologize that the photos aren’t consistent. They were (obviously) taken on three different days. During this SATUR-DIY project, it’s important to me to not only inspire you, but to also be real with you when I make these projects. The step by step photos have my blanket as the background, because I was actually making this on my couch under my blanket. I love staged how-to photos, but unfortunately they require a lot of space and daylight. I so wish I had the right time of day free, and enough space to stage these photos, but I don’t. So, I’ll make do with what I do have.

Materials Needed:
(all my materials were purchased at Michaels, except the wire cutter, and it was under $15 total!)

  • 1 stem of faux flowers
    Pick one that has a lot of flower attachments, instead of just 1 flower. These will be a little more expensive – I think mine was $7.99 – but, you’ll be able to get a lot out of it

  • Green Dry Foam Bricks

  • Vase (mine was leftover from birthday flowers)
    I would recommend an opaque vase for this project. You can always buy a cheap clear one, and then spray paint it so it’s no longer see through. If this wasn’t going in my office at work, I would probably spray paint mine a shiny gold.

  • Hot glue gun (not pictured)

  • Wire Cutters (not pictured)


Step 1: Place the dry foam bricks into your vase. A 1/3 chunk worked perfectly for my square vase. If it doesn’t quite fit into your vase, you can always cut the pieces up and glue them to stay put.

Step 2: Cut your flower stems to length, and start inserting into the dry foam. I knew I wanted mine to have a full flower look with leaves to accent the flowers, so I made sure the top was flower heavy. If you want to mix and match flowers and/or greenery, then feel free to get creative!

If you don’t like where one flower was placed, pull it out and place somewhere else. I didn’t need to use the glue gun to hold these in, but if you need a little more hold, feel free to start gluing.

Step 3: Cut your greenery stem to length, and start inserting along the edge. These stems were a little more flimsy than the floral stems, so I used a little glue to hold in place.

Step 4: My vase had a green tint to it, but I didn’t really like that you could see the dry foam through it. I had some extra greenery from my stem, so I thought it might look cool if I glued these remaining pieces along the outside of the vase. I simply tore the leaves from the plastic supports (they came right off, and didn’t rip), and started hot gluing them to the vase. I went for a layered affect, which I actually love!

Step 5: Place on your desk, entry way table, bookcase, etc. and enjoy!

I brought mine to work the next day, and I love how it has brightened up my space. It also doubles as a prop for my social media posts, which is always a plus! It’s received lots of compliments so far, so I’ll take that as a win.

If you decide to try this DIY, I’d love to see! Share on social media with #psSATURDIY.

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