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Living in New York Series: Services (to make your life easier)

Living in New York Series: Services (to make your life easier)

One of the best things about the city is the endless amount of new startups that are developed to make your life easier! You can literally order food, schedule an appointment, book a plumber, hire a professional chef, and order alcohol all from your phone, and it'll be delivered to your door. You can also order any mode of transportation directly from your phone to take you wherever your heart desires. It's actual magic. 

Here is a short list of services that will make your life easier:

Fresh Direct: Hands down, my favorite service ever. Reliable, affordable, and fresh. All I ask for in my groceries. I wrote a pretty lengthy post that includes lots of details about the Fresh Direct service here

Handy: If you live in the city, chances are you've seen their obnoxious blue advertisements everywhere - in the Subway, in your mailbox, and on your computer screen. I booked an apartment cleaning through Handy, and it was wonderful. They were running a promotion, so for a two hour cleaning, it was only $25 (+ tip). My cleaner did a wonderful job, and now I understand why my parents always one. They can just make things shiny and fresh, so much better than you can. So, save your time, and book a cleaner at least twice a year. It'll change your life, and make you feel like such an adult. Handy is primarily known as a cleaning service, but you can also hire a handyman, plumber and electrical services. 

Task Rabbit: I haven't personally used this service yet, but I know people who have. You basically can hire anyone to do anything for you. Want groceries from Trader Joes, but don't want to wait in line? Call Task Rabbit. Want to pick something up from IKEA because their shipping prices are outrageous, but you never get out of your office to see the sun? Call Task Rabbit. You can choose who your 'tasker' is as well, and they have extensive ratings & reviews for each one. Each task is insured, and you pay securely online so there's no weird cash deals, or people trying to screw you over. The good news is that they're not just in NYC. You can hire Task Rabbit in almost all major cities. 

Kitchen Surfing: Ever wanted to impress that guy/girl you're into with a nice, intimate home cooked meal....but, you don't know how to cook? Call Kitchen Surfing. A chef will come to your home to cook, serve and clean up your meal in 30 minutes! Best part? They even bring their own cooking equipment and ingredients, so you literally don't have to do anything but sit on your couch and gaze into those sparkling eyes. Or, you can call them to come 30 minutes before your date is supposed to arrive and you can take the cooking credit ;) 

Seamless: I guarantee that all New Yorkers order off of Seamless at least once a week. You can order from almost any restaurant in the city using Seamless. It's my go to for ordering Thai and Chinese food, but they have all kinds of cuisines. Most local delis are on Seamless, so if you're having an especially rough morning, you can have a big blue bottle of Gatorade to arrive at your door!

ZocDoc: The only way to book any medical appointment. You can view doctors within your specific insurance plan, read their rating & reviews on all doctors, find their next open appointment time, and learn about their credentials all without speaking to anyone (#Goodbye snarky receptionist & waiting music). It also saves your insurance information, past visits and sends you friendly reminders so you don't accidentally forget to go get your teeth cleaned for the 8th appointment in a row. 

Uber: With their less-than-stellar recent press, I'm sure most people have heard of Uber by now. But all bad press aside, Uber is awesome in the city. They've recently released UberPool, which is when you share a ride and split the cost with another person who happens to be requesting a ride along a similar route. It's a cheaper alternative to the Uber car services, and you'll most likely meet some interesting characters. Uber is especially helpful if you've lost/left your credit card at a certain bar, or locked yourself out of your apartment, as your credit card information is stored in the Uber app. Just remember that Uber drivers can rate you, so try not to be 'that' person (looking at you, drunk girl with mascara tears). Lyft and Via are also other great transportation services.
Tip: Always start a conversation with your driver! They have the best stories, your ride will be more enjoyable, and they'll give you better ratings! 

Blade: Need to get to the Hamptons to get your rose on, but don't want to deal with the traffic? First, call your homegirl over here because that's what friends do. Second, book a Blade ride! This service errs on the side of #FirstWorldProblems ridiculous, but it's still a viable service in NYC for all of those with a much more generous bank account than mine. With blade, you can ride in style in a helicopter to the Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and more. I've never used this service (clearly), but if I get offered the chance, you know I'll 'chop' to it! ;) 

MiniBar: Why go to the tiny liquor store and be overloaded with options, when you can order alcohol directly online and have it be at your place within the hour? *crickets* Yeah, there's not a suitable answer for this, so just go ahead and act like the Millennial you are and order your booze from your screen. #noshame. 

New York might be the most efficient city in terms of your time. You can order literally any service in the city to free up extra hours that might be spent working, drinking bubbly, Netflixing, and/or recovering from the night before in your dark hole of a bedroom. 

I want to know, what's your favorite service to use in NYC?

The Living In New York Series originated from a desire to share my learnings and experiences of living in NYC, hopefully to make your experience easier. All of these suggestions are based solely off my experiences, and therefore only my opinions. If you have another positive opinion, I would love to read it in the comments!  

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