traveling from nyc during the holidays

As you're reading this, I'm currently underway in what I like to call "The Worst Day of the Year". For those of you that have never traveled from NYC anytime during the holidays, I thought I would provide some insight into all the emotions you'll definitely feel during what those precious hours are like. And yes, I said 'hours'. When your car shows up on time to pick you up at 2 for a 6pm flight!

When the drive is going smooth...until you hit Lincoln Tunnel.

When you're still in Lincoln Tunnel...

When you see the sun and realize you didn't die under the Hudson River!

When you step out of the car only to spot the longest line

When you realize you're behind a family of 8...or a junior basketball team

When you're the only one with your boarding pass and ID out when you get to the kiosk

When you have to lift all 100 pounds onto the scale

Then when you re-lift all 100 pounds off of the scale because now you are in charge of transporting your luggage down another corridor to a drop off zone...

When you get in line for security

When you're trying to dab sweat from your temples because you never know what celeb you'll see

When you realized you'll never see a celeb

When someone tries small talk with you

When you deal with TSA every. single. time.

When you spot the man in front of you digging through his carry on to produce 4 ziplock baggies...

When the man in front of you realizes he forgot to take his shoes off

When the man in front of you finally makes it through the machine

When you finally make it through the machine only to have it go off because of your bra...or sequins

When TSA wants to look through your bag

And then when TSA throws you your bag and all its' contents separately after they've found nothing

When you spot the nearest bar

And then when you grab the only open seat at the bar!

When you drink your first sip of carbonated bliss

And then when the bill comes

When you finally look at your watch phone and realize your flight is boarding

When you slam down your drink, and the guy next to you is impressed

When you show up to the gate as section Z is boarding

When you finally get to your row, and realize you're in the middle seat

In the middle of an older couple who won't switch you a seat

Whatever, because nothing beats the feeling of getting physically OUT of Newark, LAG, or JFK!

All above events are true and factual and have happened to this 20-something before. Reactions may be exaggerated.