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book 8 of 50: written in my own heart's blood by diana gabaldon

book 8 of 50: written in my own heart's blood by diana gabaldon

written in my own hearts blood by diana gabaldon
written in my own hearts blood by diana gabaldon

This books marks the ending of me reading Outlander. Not by choice, but simply because there are no other books to read in the Outlander series! Have no fear, Book 9 will be published eventually - probably not until 2018 though. I'm not sure what I'll do until then, but good thing there's now a series on Starz to quench my Outlander appetite.

This bookis definitely in my top 5 of the Outlander series. So much action! So many new characters! I mean, can we talk about Rachel Hunter, please? She is simply the best new character. I swear, Diana just keeps reinventing the wheel with these characters! Rachel is a Quaker, which means she can't use any physical force to harm someone, and it's a core value in her life to which she sticks to. But, she isn't a pushover. She's sassy, determined, can diffuse a situation just by physically stepping between people, and most of all - she. loves. Ian! And I love Ian! So, that basically means we are the same person, right? ;) I cannot wait to see who they eventually cast for Rachel - even though she won't be cast until 2022 (obviously this series will last that long on Starz!).

Beyond Rachel Hunter, I just loved this book. Gabaldon definitely got back to her witty, funny, and sexy writing. The middle books are still funny and sexy, but not as much as the first couple, or the last couple. Written In My Own Heart's Blood is set through most of the American Revolution, told from both the Rebel (US) & Loyalty (Britain) sides.

I am so glad this book didn't have as big as a cliff hanger as the last book, because I'm not sure I could wait four more years. Gabaldon could completely decide to stop writing about the Fraser/MacKenzie clan, as most of their stories are now tied up. But, what fun would that be? Plus, we still need to keep going further with Lord John Grey and William. AND any Outlander book without the Fraser/MacKenzie clan would just not be as good.

Gah, I wish I could give away everything that I loved so much about this book, and this entire series. But, more people should read this series so I don't want to give away any spoilers.

I started the first Outlander book in January, and it's taken me 11 months to read all 8. To be honest, this is the best series I've ever read. It's even better than Harry Potter - gasp, did I just say that?! To be fair, they are completely different books with completely different audiences. When people ask me what this book is about, it's so hard to answer that question. It's a mix of literally every genre (romance, historical fiction, action, war, herbology, family, etc.), and to be honest, it's just the best darn book series I've read. It has consistently kept me entertained, yearning for more, and I learned quite a lot. What more could you ask for in a series?

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