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book 5 of 50: the fiery cross by diana gabaladon

book 5 of 50: the fiery cross by diana gabaladon

In the 5th installment of the Outlander series, The Fiery Cross is Outlander's least action filled book. Not to say that I didn't enjoy reading it, but I didn't feel the need to turn the page frantically, or stay up until 5am finishing a part.

Warning: Spoilers!

The Frasers and MacKenzie's start settling to their life on Fraser's Ridge, located in North Carolina by the mountains. This is the first time that we truly get to see the Frasers/MacKenzies act like a normal (if you can still call this whole book series normal) family. They hunt, gather, make more medicinal advances courtesy of Claire, and occassionally still get into a bit of scuffle with others. Bonnett has still not been written out of the events yet, and I'm just waiting for him to return in some terrible, awful way (Diana - just cut him out already! ;) ). To me, there was a little confusions with some of the plot lines. I think they eventually run together for a common goal *cough Steven Bonnett cough*, but for awhile I questioned their purpose.

It's nice to see the family behave in a little more believable way (although, I would love to dine at the French Court or survive a hurricane). It's interesting that we are starting to get a peak into routines. Claire and Jaime finally have the chance to start settling down like they planned 20 years in the past. Brianna and Roger are figuring out their way as a family, both as a MacKenzie family and as part of a larger Fraser family.

Obviously, I loved it. But, I'm looking forward to more drama and plot twists in remaining 4 books.

PS - Have you checked out the first espisode ofOutlander on Starz? Putting all bias for Outlander in general aside, this premiere episode was quite amazing. I love Caitriona and Sam. What surprised me most was my absolute fondness for Frank (played by Tobias Menzies). It's garnered quite an impressive amount of press so far, and for a PR junkie it makes be so happy that it's off on the right foot!

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