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Welcome to my blog.
I'm a 20-something who loves the outdoors, exploring, making things & a good face mask.
Currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

welcome may!

Do Your Best
Do Your Best

In the next 31 days I will:

celebrate my grandpa's life with my family

hang out with my aunts, uncles and cousins in Spokane, Washington (SO looking forward to seeing them!)

celebrate Owen & Callie's birthday (even though it won't be their actual birthday)

play Bingo with my sister at Tanner's

celebrate a friends engagement (I'm looking at you, Emily!)

watch my brother walk across the stage at his graduation

drink really good wine with my parents

return to The Bar The Bar

eat Amigos, Raising Caines and other Lincoln goodies

go running with Bailey

move into a brand new apartment

repaint my old apartment with my dad (2 walls are red!)

set up and organize my new apartment

drink beer at McCoys with my dad

go shopping at Target for apartment essentials

celebrate my dad being in NY for almost a week!

oh, and this thing called a job from 9-7pm (which is quite stressful at the moment)

The next 31 days may be the busiest 31 days I've had in awhile, but I am SO looking forward to them! If the weather gods could get their act together, I'm sure I will enjoy it that much more!

Happy May!

celebrating 2 years

ABM's strawberry poppyseed pie