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book 4 of 50: drums of autumn by diana gabaldon

Drums of Autumn
Drums of Autumn

The fourth book on my list of 50 to read was Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon. Keeping with the fashion of reading this whole series first, this was naturally the next book in line.

This book was different than the first three because it introduced two very important new characters: Brianna & Roger. Their story was about as night and day to Jamie and Claire's story as possible. I love the character Brianna, and I like that she is a good combination of Jamie and Claire, but she's still her. The Roger character is also interesting, mostly because of his historical link to the people living in the same time as Jamie and Claire. I got a bit confused sometimes with his family tree, but Diana did a great job summing it up here.

This book definitely wasn't has heart wrenching as book 3 was, but it was definitely histerical, heart breaking in some places (*tear* for Ian and Brianna), but still page turning. During the whole Roger MacKenzie vs. Roger Wakefield story line, I just wanted to shout at the actual characters (because they become so real!) and their lack of information sharing! It was set up and executed beautifully though, as far as keeping me entertained and adding additional drama to the story.

Drums of Autumn
Drums of Autumn

I can't believe I'm half way finished with the series (well, depending on how many final books there are). In some ways I don't know how the books will continue, but in other ways I still get sad that I'm coming to the ene (even though there is still 4,000 pages to still read).

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