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Welcome to my blog. I'm 20-something crafter, active explorer,  and memory keeper, currently living in New York City.

Project Life 2012: May 14-20

Week of: Week 14-20, 2012 What happened: Started my new job as a Digital Content Intern at L'Oreal USA, attended Los 50 Mas Bellos (and saw Naya Rivera!), and Anna came to visit!

May 14-20, 2012

Details on the spread: The 4 pocket squares were interesting to work with. I decided to use it because the Los Bellos invite fit perfectly, and there was a lot of room to journal. It was hard to use the Project Life cards that I specifically bought, so it wasn't my favorite. But, it worked for this spread!

Overall Thoughts: Still loving this project! I didn't mean for the spread to be very orange heavy, but it worked.

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