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washington d.c. roundup

I know. It has been at least 2 months since this trip happened and I haven't given the lowdown yet. But alas, here it is! The trip to D.C. started off frantically as I thought someone had stolen the key under our mat to our apartment. Several calls to my landlord later, I really thought a stranger now had a key into our tiny little haven. So, I rushed home worried the whole time that all of our stuff was stolen. I looked under the mat, just for good measure, and there it was!! To be fair, our mat is really, really long and it ended up being stuck on the underside earlier when I checked on it. I'm sure my roommate wanted to kill me after it was all said and done, but I at least had the key! Yay to no robbers! (And if you're wondering, that key was promptly removed, and never to be left outside our apartment again).

So after my heart was done racing from that incident, it was time to leave for Port Authority. Let's just say that Port Authority might be the most disgusting place that humans have to actually go, in order to leave the city. I'm pretty sure even the rats don't hang out there. Nonetheless, I found the line for my bus (after wondering around lost and disgusted) and boarded my first Greyhound bus! The ride down was pretty uneventful, until we got to D.C. Apparently the bus driver doesn't believe in Google Maps (hellooo, it's 2013 people!) and proceeded to ask us where Union Station was. No sir, I do not know how to navigate you to Union Station. That is literally your only job, so please figure it out.

After another woman was nicer than my thoughts were, we arrived at Union Station, where I was greeted by the lovely Mallory Peterson!! We travelled via the metro (which, while the pricing I think is a scheme and causes all sorts of confusion, it is a lovely mass transit system) to Silver Springs. We got ready and went to eat and drink with some of her colleagues at Dupont Cirlce.

D.C. Metro

Mallory & I First Night

Thoroughly hungover the next morning, we did what all East Coasters do on a weekend morning: BRUNCH! We met up with Mallory's dad and brunched at Busboy & Poets. Then we walked. A long, long ways. And it was humid. But, it was lovely. And D.C. is so clean, you could literally eat off the sidewalks (although I do not suggest that)! A big difference from New York.

Representing the good ole' Missouri


Mallory & I & White House

The White House was surprisingly small from the outside. Although, I'm sure it's larger and grander once you are inside (I mean it is President Fitz Obama's house after all). When we were walking toward the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, it actually felt like we were walking towards the Acropolis to pray to God Abraham. But, it was still very beautiful! After exhausting our legs, we went back to the hotel to nap and get ready for dinner and drinks. 

Abraham Memorial

Mallory & I & Abraham

We ate at this adorable Italian restaurant, Sergio Ristorante, that had the friendliest staff, and amazing homemade pasta. Their wine definitely did the trick as well! That night we went out to a bar in Georgetown and played a couple games of beer pong and drank far too many beverages. The next morning we ordered pizza for breakfast and ate in bed (true post-college style). Then, sadly, I had to head back to the Big Apple.

Me with Wine


Old People

Washington D.C., you are absolutely beautiful! The landmarks, the people, the food, the wine, the beer, were all amazing! While I was sad we didn't see Olivia Pope take down some schemeing lawmaker, or a Secret Service man trying to be incognito, we still had a fabulous time! 

Mallory & I

Project Life

so grateful