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I'm a 20-something who loves the outdoors, exploring, making things & a good face mask.
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hurricane Sandy

Update as of 12:52pm EST - Nothing in midtown is happening. No rain. Barely wind. Officially have been waiting for 24 hours. We did eat cinnamon rolls and eggs, so it felt like a Snow Day, or Christmas. But with no presents, or snow. More updates to follow! One thing you never learn in the midwest, is what to do during a hurricane. Recently, as I'm sure any who watches the news is aware, Hurricane Sandy is on its' way to the east coast. My friend, Mallory, happened to come this weekend, so she is stuck here for a bit longer, which selfishly I'm really excited about! We woke up this morning to find out the subways were shutting down at 7pm, so of course we rushed out to stock up on water. We read this article on Thought Catalog as basic 'research' for what to do during these times. We ended up getting 12 bottles of water, cereal, nuts, and chips (basic Hurricane food apparently), but no raft. Then went to the hardware store to get a lighter and tea lights. We had our 'last meal' at Johns, which was amazing as always.

However, nothing has happened yet. I think we thought Sandy was on the way immediately, and we had to rush, much like you would for a tornado. But this is not a tornado. As of 10:24pm EST, there has been no rain and only slightly windy. Since the Subway is closed though, the streets are eerily quite with barely any tourists people and cars.

The good news is there is no work Monday or Tuesday! The bad news is there is no more bread, or water at the grocery stores. Good thing we stocked up! It's like a grownup Snowday, complete with grownup drinks!

Will keep you posted!


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