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fashion week

One of the best things of any job is of course the perks. My job just happens to be tied to the fashion industry, which inevitably warrants a field trip to Fashion Week. This year, Maybelline sponsored the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013 Spring/Summer collections. We had lots of great activations throughout fashion week at Fashion’s Night Out, the Style Awards, and ELLE Fashion NEXT, just to name a few. Fashion week officially kicked off on September 6 at Fashion’s Night Out. However, the night before, I was lucky enough to snag an invitation to the Style Awards. A coworker ended up not feeling well and offered me her spot. I definitely didn’t know what to expect, but any awards show is alright with me! It was hosted at Lincoln Center. When we arrived, there was a beautiful activation for Maybelline that had a very lounge feel to it. There was a huge red carpet area lined up, and who did I see first? Katherine McPhee. Star shocked? Of course! She was beautiful! She later said “excuse me” and walked by me. Nothing but nice things to say about her! So graceful on stage, so humble. After getting some wine, we stood around for awhile chatting away. I look over, and who do I see? Ed Westwick! Very handsome and charming. We finally get to take our seats, and the stage was nothing like any award show I’ve seen (on TV of course). It looked similar to a runway (this is fashion week after all), with the tables of 6-8 seated along the sides. I had a great view of the stage, and a direct line view of Ed Westwick himself. This was the first time the Style Awards were going to be televised. Some major stars that presented or accepted awards were: Katie Holmes (her first public ‘job’ since her divorce), Carolina Herrara (Designer of the Year), Ed Westwick, Katherine McPhee, Nicole Richie, Amy Adams, Allison Williams, Iman, Adrienne Bailon and many models. I’m always humbled by celebs as you watch them through a screen multiple times, and to see them in person actually makes you go “wow, so they are real”. And of course, I’m always giddy to see them in person as well.

On Thursday, fashion week officially started. We had teamed up with YouTube to do a program called Live From the Runway, where we streamed all the fashion shows live on YouTube. This year, our amazing team decided to also broadcast our LFTR channel in Times Square. Starting at 10am, our team took a field trip to Times Square to watch the BCBG fashion show. So crazy to see your channel and branding literally covering Times Square, from the highest part to the buses. We also walked to the mobile glass truck activation, which would be appearing in different parts of the city throughout the week. Thursday night was also Fashion’s Night Out. Our team worked really hard to put together a great activation. For those who stood in line, we had free manis, a makeup makeover, and you could walk the runway to get your photo taken. It was hosted in the Meatpacking District, right by Dos Caminos. Our team sat at Dos Caminos to eat and enjoy the atmosphere of FNO. Later during the night, our main boss, Carolyn Holba, met with Anna Wintour, so we got to see her and her famous bob and sunglasses combo.  As the night wore on, more and more people came out to FNO.  I walked around a bit in the Meatpacking District to see the other activations around. And who did I walk right by? Darren Criss! A little shorter than I originally thought, still dashingly handsome. FNO was such a great hit, full of energy and passion from all who attended.

On Friday, work obviously didn’t feel real after the last two days. That Friday night was ELLE Fashion NEXT. For the third year in a row, we partnered with ELLE to sponsor the show. There are 3 scholarships given out: $25,000 ELLE Scholarshiop, $25,000 Maybelline Scholarship, and a $10,000 people’s choice scholarship. Around 5, myself and another intern were able to take out last year’s winner of ELLE Fashion NEXT, Lindsey Hopkins. We took her out for a light dinner before the show. She was nice enough to bring me her collections book, and it is seriously amazing! Her color palette is full of beautiful deep plums, incorporating both solids and prints. At the time of designing her collection, she was one of the first to start the mirrored prints that designers like BCBG are now using. Truly great, great work. And she is such a sweetheart. If anyone needs some decently priced designer clothes, turn to Lindsey. After dinner with Lindsey, we went to the show. The backdrop was great, with cut outs for models to pose before the show started. The whole show was amazing. Seriously. The music, the lighting, the clothes. All were just spot on. The theme was New York inspired, which couldn’t have worked out better. The school of choice was the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Maybelline New York sponsored it, and it was hosted in New York. The clothes were amazing. Some I would never wear, but there were more than I expected that I actually would wear. After the show was over, there was a cocktail mingle hour, and then ELLE took us out to dinner, which was so nice! Who did we see in the elevator? Gabrielle Union!

It was a serious fashion and celebrity filled week. I feel so lucky to work with an amazing team of seriously devoted individuals. It’s weeks like this where working at L’Oreal definitely pays off. All the long hours, headaches, annoyances are all put to the side when you see how your brand comes across to others on all different platforms. Digital is just one component, but add in the social, experiential, and all other elements, and it’s magic.


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