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dad comes to new york city

About 3 weeks ago, dad came to see my in New York! It all happened out of the blue. I was having a hard time in NY, called mom, his trip to Tulsa got cancelled, and before I knew it mom had instructed him to come to NY. And it was the best timing ever! We had so. much. fun! We honestly didn't do much touristy stuff, as we had both seen it before, so we just talked and talked and talked. Thursday dad flew into the city. I met him at the apartment on my lunch break, and then he walked me back to work. After I got off, we went to McGee's to grab some beers and talk before dinner. Well, we never made it to dinner. Little did we realize, it was 6 hours later when we were ready to leave, and it was past both of our bedtimes. We honestly had the best conversations that night then I think we have ever had. Thank you, dad.

Friday after work, our plan was to go to the Brooklyn Aquarium, since we both love aquariums. The aquarium is "pay what you will" after 3pm on Fridays, so naturally we figured we should go then. Well, so did the rest of New Yorkers. After getting lost coming out of the sketchy Subway station (do not get off here at night along), we showed up and the line was literally 2 hours long. So we decided to skip that and just go straight to the Coney Island Boardwalk. We walked up and down and looked at the rides and ocean. I always forget New York has an ocean and thousands of beaches (I think that's the permanent midwestern in me). We stopped for a beer, then went over to Nathan's Famous hotdogs, and had some hotdogs, diet pop, and shared some fries. We stayed in Coney Island for awhile, then decided to head back to the city. When we finally got back, we went to a local favorite bar, The Pony Bar, and had some great local wheat beers. We were so exhausted that we went home at 9pm. However, I suggested we should watch The Newsroom. And dad was hooked! Seriously, if I ever recommend a series to you (besides LOST), it would be The Newsroom. Intelligent, hilarious, and so spot on with where we are in today's society.

Saturday dad got up early and I slept in (go figure!). Around 11ish, we headed over to the Irish Rogue to watch the Nebraska game. The Irish Rogue is the Nebraska bar in NYC, but it's going through an identity change, so it's now called Harley's. Not as great. But still, great people, so that's all that matters in the end. We drank at the bar, which was a good choice as we never had to wait for a drink (thank you bartender!). It was so fun to watch the game, drink, and meet new strangers with dad. After the game, I needed to go home and rest for awhile (oops). So we ended up watching more The Newsroom. We decided we should probably go to dinner, since we only had nachos all day (oops). So we went to this Italian place around the corner from my apartment, called Rino Trattoria. I thought it may not be as great as the italian food in Little Italy, but it was almost better! The noodles were handmade (delicious), fat, and covered with tomato-vodka sauce. Pair with wine and a salad, it was one of the best meals I've had. We came back after dinner to watch more The Newsroom.

Sunday dad got up early again and went to read his book down at the corner bagel place. We headed uptown around 10:30am to go to the Yankees game. We left early to get the free aprons that were handed out, just for mom (your welcome!). Our seats were great! High enough to see, but not at the top tiered level. There was also no one sitting to the right of me, so we had clear access to the aisle (always a plus). It was great weather. The only thing that was not good was the Yankees lost :( Again, we did more talking and eating. It was great! After the game, we came back, got ready, watched another episode of The Newsroom, and then left for dinner at Seaport. We ate at The Sequoia. Lucy's mom took us there before, and I loved their food and location, so we ate there. The drinks are delicious! The food is tasty! And the view is so beautiful! You can see downtown NYC and Brooklyn. After Seaport, we got off the Subway early so we could do some people watching in Times Square. We grabbed some diet pops and parked it on the red chairs in the middle of Time Square. Lots of funny tourists, lots of performers, lots of lights, and lots of great conversations. When we went home, we watch more of The Newsroom. During one of the episodes, we heard this squeaky weird noise. Dad went over to look where it was coming from. Turns out, we had a mouse. Thank goodness dad was there! He was able to catch it with a cup and throw it outside.

Monday was the first day we had no set plans. So naturally, I slept in. Someday I will learn to actually wake up before noon on days off, but clearly not now. We went to John's Pizzeria for lunch, which was obviously so good (thanks Lucy!). After lunch, we went to Barnes and Noble to get another book for dad, and then walked back to my place. On the way, we stopped at the hardware store to get mouse traps (see above!) and some other handy things. Dad then turned into handyman when we got home. He installed a corner shelf, some insulation around our door, hung a mirror, and taught me how to set a mousetrap. Such a cool dad. Thank you again Dad! After fixing up the place, we got ready and headed down to Meatpacking district for dinner reservations. We stopped several blocks north of the Meatpacking district to walk The High Line. I've never walked it, but have heard such great things about it. It was absolutely beautiful and very well kept! I can't wait to go back. We made reservations at The Standard Grill, due to my boss's recommendation, for one final splurge. Though we didn't see any celebs, it was so good! I had the Standard Waldorf Salad, the Flash Seared Lamb Chops a la Plancha and many glasses of wine. We had the best dessert. We asked the waiter what his favorite dessert was and he said it was the Banoffee Pie. One of the most delicious, and light desserts ever. I capped it off with a French Martini (obviously). Seriously, one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. Dad really enjoyed the Meatpacking district, so we'll be coming back again for sure (get ready mom!). It was such a great meal, day and night to end dad's trip.

Dad, I can't thank you enough for coming. It was seriously one of the best weeks I've had with you.


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