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Welcome to my blog.
I'm a 20-something who loves the outdoors, exploring, making things & a good face mask.
Currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Recently, I have taken the large journey and moved to New York City. I interned here last summer, and while I was already in love with the idea of the City before I came, I fell in love with the reality of the City last summer. However, moving here has been more difficult than imagined. I won't bore you with the details, but just keep in mind I don't have my own car here. Coming from the midwest, I never valued the independence that was associated with owning and operating your own vehicle. I've been in the City now for almost 8 weeks, and have had the opportunity to do a lot. To catch you up on the last 8 weeks, this is what I've done:

  • Moved in with 3 random strangers for 5 1/2 weeks. They turned out to the most genuine and honest people, with such a fascinating and different career industry than I am in.
  • Watched Top Gun for the first time on The Intrepid, on Memorial Day Weekend. Talk about Patriotic.
  • Ate the famous Nathan's hotdog, rode in The Wonder Wheel, had 2 Brooklyn Summer Beers, ate a funnelcake, and watched the most random assortment of men catch live fish at Coney Island with some great friends.
  • Attended People en Espanol's 50 Most Beautiful Awards party and gawked at Naya Rivera as she stood 10 feet away from me, as well as other famous Espanol celebs. I also might have caught a glance of Rickey Martin, but he was in and out so quick, it was hard to tell.
  • Went to Bon Appetit's kitchen headquarters at the Conde Nast building, and was able to cook dessert and eat a gourmet cooked meal from the chef at Bon Appetit. Found that I love kale salads with ricotta/olive oil cheese mixture and plums on top.
  • Found an apartment in NYC with Lucy, which is definitely a feat in itself.
  • Painted 3 rooms 4 different colors. Future note: Always have dad paint!
  • Took a bike cab home from Best Buy with my new TV on it. Definitely not my smartest moment in life.
  • Took the Staten Island Ferry with Courtney to see the NYC skyline.
  • Entertained 4 great friends in the city.
  • Celebrated the 4th of July on a Brooklyn Rooftop with friends.
  • Waited at the DMV for 4 hours, but am now an Official New York resident!
  • Worked on a promotion that was featured on The Today Show (unfortunately, it's over now!)

Work is going really great! I have learned so much about the digital world, and what it takes to actually execute a digital campaign. I can't talk of what's coming in the future, but when they are live, I'll be sure to share!

Our apartment is also so great!! Each day I come home, I fall more in love with the actual apartment, as well as the area surrounding it. I'm excited to keep exploring! A more detailed post on the apartment will come later, so stay tuned!

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